Le Petit Hotel, Sumner, New Zealand, has reopened for business post 22nd Feb.,Christchurch Earthquake.

Immediate News: Le Petit Hotel Sumner reopened its Bed & Breakfast services on Sunday 6th March 2011. The Sumner French Hotel, survived the major earthquake which occurred just a few kilometers way, in Lyttelton, on Tuesday, 22nd February, 2011. The G forces experienced within the hotel were sufficient to relocate the grand piano in the lounge and tear an electric oven from the wall in the hotel apartment. Almost all breakables within the bed & breakfast building such as glassware, porcelain china etc were smashed in the mayhem. However such damage was/is insignificant compared to the loss of life and huge collateral damage to buildings and infrastructure within the city and other eastern suburbs. We consider ourselves very very fortunate. The main route to Sumner from the airport is via Memorial Avenue, around Hagley Park and onto Moorhouse Avenue; then Ferry  Road and onto Sumner via Redcliffs. Care is required, especially at night due to changing road diversions and damaged road surfaces.
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