Earthquakes from a Scottish Terrier’s perspective

It's a while since I've been in touch with the wider world...& much has happened....I've grown up fast...especially of late. I'm managing my back leg problem in my own non complaining way...although I think Bruce has noticed how I tend to trot down the street a little bit sideways which helps me keep control of where my right foot goes. But here at Le Petit Hotel for quite some time, I've been quietly sitting down in the lounge and suddenly the building begins to shake violently, and everything starts flying around.....I've been lucky so far not to be clobbered by a variety of flying or falling objects, & I don't really understand what's going on, but I can read the signs that both Martine & Bruce are very anxious about all the strange happenings. I've devised my own way of coping with the unexpected loud bangs under the hotel floor by leaping to my feet while doing a 360 deg twirl so that I can judge which way to run from the nasties, who I haven't seen yet. Even at night time when we go for a walk...I'm on my guard and when the ground starts to rumble...before the shaking begins, I turn tail immediately & head back to the hotel real fast, pulling Bruce along with me. I'm lucky though, there is special compensation for me '  now at about 6am each morning,... I'm allowed to have a small snooze on the end of B & M's bed.... Despite these strange ground shaking events, I'm still performing my hotel guest welcoming down the stairs to reach the front door before Bruce, so I can see the new guests first. I really live for my meet & greet job. Keep a watch for my earthquake updates. Kara
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