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Earthquakes are serious disruptors ( of life as we knew it). Six years on now (2017) and the reminders of what was, and what's to come, in terms of Christchurch City, affects us all greatly, every waking moment of our lives....whether its responding to hotel guests asking us about the earthquakes we had, or just negotiating a route across the city now with its constantly variable detours, suddenly blocked off streets, thousands of marker cones and the changed forever streetscapes. Here in Sumner, by the sea, we have a lot to be thankful for, including a community spirit that is alive and well, good local shopping for the essentials of life, and a view of the Pacific Ocean with a lovely beach to walk on while contemplating the meaning of life!  And then there are Sumner's dogs, and I would suggest that our village has a lot of caring dog owners in residence who can be seen religiously street walking or beach walking their companions each day. Of course I couldn't let this post go by without mentioning that our own much loved Scottie dog...Kara , now about 9 years old, who is still performing her unique mix of meet and greet at the front door, security duties, and general icebreaker and conversation starter as required, in the hotel lounge. Simply put, we would not be without her. Such is the global interest in Scottish Terriers, there is a closed group on FaceBook called "Adopted by Scotties".  
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