Christchurch Le Petit Hotel accommodation status

Le Petit Hotel is a boutique French B & B by the beach in Sumner, the premier seaside suburb of Christchurch. Both short & long stay guests are most well. The daily room rate includes a served French breakfast and the hotel has free WiFi services throughout the complex. The en-suite accommodation is most suitable for 2 ... more
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Le Petit Hotel, Sumner, New Zealand, has reopened for business post 22nd Feb.,Christchurch Earthquake.

Immediate News: Le Petit Hotel Sumner reopened its Bed & Breakfast services on Sunday 6th March 2011. The Sumner French Hotel, survived the major earthquake which occurred just a few kilometers way, in Lyttelton, on Tuesday, 22nd February, 2011. The G forces experienced within the hotel were sufficient to relocate the grand piano in the lounge ... more
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Voyage Nouvelle-Zélande – Coupe du monde Rugby 2011

Le Petit Hotel, Christchurch, Nouvelle-Zélande advises travellers that regrettably, as a result of the recent earthquake, no games are now to be held in Christchurch.
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VIADEO is a business oriented online social networking platform.
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Le Petit Futé Nouvelle-Zélande

Petit Futé est un voyage Guide de tourisme et de Nouvelle-Zélande - Bons Plans, visites, conseils et practical information. Le Petit Hôtel Sumner fournir un hébergement B & B en français langue voyageurs, et est également l'emplacement consulaire française à Christchurch.
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New Zealand hits front page of CNN web site

New Zealand's Beauty enthralls travelers, according to a report by Natalie Avon featured on CNN's front page on their Web site, a story started on CNN iReport. For the spectacular photo shots go to Travel Snapshots
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Look at me now : The continuing story of Kara the Scottie

Hi there all Scottie lovers...It's almost 15 months since I left behind my friends at Juscot Kennels in Hamilton, and I've had my 1st birthday at Le Petit Hotel. Despite having inherited a twisted right hind leg, I'm doing my utmost to be part of the hotel day to day operations...answering the door, checking the ... more
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Friends of Le Petit Hotel

At the Marriner street frontage of Le Petit Hotel, Martine has some Lavender of the 'Grosso' variety growing. This particular lavender is a (heavy oil bearing) hybrid between Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia. At this time of the year, the brilliant purple/blue flowers of the lavender draw hundreds of friendly bumble bees, small youngsters and large ... more
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Le Petit Hotel, Sumner

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Pinus pinea; Italian Stone Pine trees

Martine & myself recently had some R & R in France during of the best months in respect of the French climate. Some of the time was spent near Plan du la Tour near the Med. coast, and we couldn't help noticing a tree with an attractive green umbrella like top...commonly called the ... more
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