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Earthquakes are serious disruptors ( of life as we knew it). Six years on now (2017) and the reminders of what was, and what's to come, in terms of Christchurch City, affects us all greatly, every waking moment of our lives....whether its responding to hotel guests asking us about the earthquakes we had, or just ... more
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Earthquakes from a Scottish Terrier’s perspective

It's a while since I've been in touch with the wider world...& much has happened....I've grown up fast...especially of late. I'm managing my back leg problem in my own non complaining way...although I think Bruce has noticed how I tend to trot down the street a little bit sideways which helps me keep control of ... more
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Christchurch Le Petit Hotel accommodation status

Le Petit Hotel is a boutique French B & B by the beach in Sumner, the premier seaside suburb of Christchurch. Both short & long stay guests are most well. The daily room rate includes a served French breakfast and the hotel has free WiFi services throughout the complex. The en-suite accommodation is most suitable for 2 ... more
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