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Earthquakes are serious disruptors ( of life as we knew it). Six years on now (2017) and the reminders of what was, and what's to come, in terms of Christchurch City, affects us all greatly, every waking moment of our lives....whether its responding to hotel guests asking us about the earthquakes we had, or just ... more
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Earthquakes from a Scottish Terrier’s perspective

It's a while since I've been in touch with the wider world...& much has happened....I've grown up fast...especially of late. I'm managing my back leg problem in my own non complaining way...although I think Bruce has noticed how I tend to trot down the street a little bit sideways which helps me keep control of ... more
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Look at me now : The continuing story of Kara the Scottie

Hi there all Scottie lovers...It's almost 15 months since I left behind my friends at Juscot Kennels in Hamilton, and I've had my 1st birthday at Le Petit Hotel. Despite having inherited a twisted right hind leg, I'm doing my utmost to be part of the hotel day to day operations...answering the door, checking the ... more
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Scottish Terrier : Lessons from a dog’s life at Le Petit Hotel

A French philosopher whose name I can't recall, once wrote that to understand fully one's soul, you need to first love & understand a dog. I often ponder this view, as Martine & I move onwards with Kara, our new Scottish Terrier. Here at Le Petit Hotel, we look at our Juscot Scottie, her physical ... more
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New hotel staff member

Hi folks I'm Kara - Le Petit Hotel's new black staff member. I arrived here ex Juscot Kennels, Hamilton, in early January, after being flown via Air NZ in the dog standard crate and picked up by Bruce & Scott at Christchurch Airport. I'm adapting real fast to the busy hotel life here, and when ... more
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