Anatole France Quotation; Le Petit Hotel; & Bobby calves ill treatment

In a previous blog post I made mention of a French writer's quote regarding dogs and humans. That writer was none other than Anatole France  ( 1844-1924). Anatole received the Nobel prize for literature back in 1921 and the true quote was: "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" ... more
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Scottish Terrier : Lessons from a dog’s life at Le Petit Hotel

A French philosopher whose name I can't recall, once wrote that to understand fully one's soul, you need to first love & understand a dog. I often ponder this view, as Martine & I move onwards with Kara, our new Scottish Terrier. Here at Le Petit Hotel, we look at our Juscot Scottie, her physical ... more
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Kara, Le Petit Hotel’s Scottish Terrier

It's been some months since we last reported on our ex Juscot Kennels Scottish Terrier. Our beloved Kara has now learnt to trot slowly on her lead, so much so that she can now keep both back legs doing what they are supposed to do rather than bouncing along. Most of this significant improvement has ... more
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Dachshund & Scottish Terrier tibial torsion

As per a previous blog, our new Scottie Kara unfortunately acquired a genetic condition loosely and variously labelled as Dachshund type tibial torsion, chondrodysplasia, pes varus deformity etc. Essentially, she has an unusual bilateral hind limb gait in which she throws her right limb inwards as she walks, which we all hope is of a mechanical ... more
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New hotel staff member

Hi folks I'm Kara - Le Petit Hotel's new black staff member. I arrived here ex Juscot Kennels, Hamilton, in early January, after being flown via Air NZ in the dog standard crate and picked up by Bruce & Scott at Christchurch Airport. I'm adapting real fast to the busy hotel life here, and when ... more
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Obituary: Maggie Whitfield, Le Petit Hotel

Maggie on watch

Maggie on watch

Le Petit Hotel's well known & truly loved Scottish Terrier finally succumbed to liver cancer in the early hours of Monday 28th September 2009. Although we had been expecting it, when the final hours came,  ... more
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Le Petit Hotel gluten-free or muesli fruit breakfasts

Le Petit Hotel management are more than happy to provide a gluten free or muesli based continental breakfast option. Just add your request to your accommodation booking notice. Our renown fresh baked croissants are always available each morning, along with genuine french plunger coffee, hot chocolate, or a variety of teas.
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Mobi site

Sumner B & B, Le Petit Hotel, has recently launched a mobi site, which presents a concise rendition of information about the French style B & B accommodation on offer, in a suitable format for a range of PDA devices such as iPhones, Palm, Nokia and other WAP enabled handheld devices.

Le Petit Hotel's mobi ... more

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Bird Watching; Godwits etc

Le Petit Hotel B & B Sumner, is ideally positioned to provide comfortable and affordable long stay accommodation for visitors wishing to bird watch on the hills and coastline of Banks Peninsula. Sumner is a choice starting point for the many easy walking tracks along the coastal cliffs and for viewing the estuary wild life ... more
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